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Consciousness is about awareness and acceptance. Through our practice together, awareness and acceptance increase and you can shift to a place that you hold lightly. And the lighter things are, the more playful they become. Playfulness opens up creativity, possibility, and the ability to deal with the heavy things. . . lightly.

Culture Circles

Culture is simply a way of life. It can be difficult to quantify or explain — but easy to feel and experience. The norms and behaviors that create culture at work are established and modeled by the influential few, then replicated and solidified by the collective. Culture will show up either way - behaviors you want, or behaviors you don't want. By bringing intention to the creation of culture, you are more likely to establish the environment you want, and see the behaviors that matter most to the overall success of your organization.

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Coaching Circles

1:1 Coaching can be a powerful way to bring awareness to patterns that inhibit inspiration and authentic connection. Whether you're an executive, a parent, or a human looking to grow, coaching can be a powerful catalyst for transformation. Through one on one sessions (in person or on the phone) my coaching process will uncover the stickiest parts of your personal recurring dramas. We will work to breathe in acceptance, so you can shift into patterns that will get you the outcomes you want.

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Daylong workshops build bonds on teams and provide a shared set of skills to help remove interpersonal sludge. I will help you with the rhythm of speaking cleanly and openly, and learning to support one another in ways that benefit self, other, and organization. The basic principles focus on:

1. Choosing curiosity over being right

2. Taking 100% responsibility

3. Feeling the feeling

4. Choosing candor over gossip

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Meeting together on a consistent basis to share openly builds intimacy at work. We are human beings, being human, and we don't turn that off at work. We have life experiences that spill over into work, and we have work experiences that spill over into life. As we share, compassion AND productivity increase, work gets done with ease, and work can become additive to your life, as opposed to a source of depletion.

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Gentzy Panel Event

Employees crave environments where they can be themselves, where they feel psychologically safe, and where they can do meaningful work. Conscious leaders are aware of their impact and lightly take steps to create this kind of workplace.

Sustainably successful teams create great products AND enjoy work. Within teams like this, individuals playfully create and execute with one another. My approach to team and leadership development combines my perspective as an organizational researcher, a tech executive, and a certified leadership coach.

47% of job seekers cite culture as their primary reason for looking for new opportunities
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Hi, I'm Gentzy.

I am the founder of Lightly. Lightly was inspired by my training, my experience, and my human heart + intuition. Like you, there are multiple things that define who I am. Below are four roles that shape my work at Lightly and influence my work with clients.


I am a certified coach of the 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership. We spend much of our lives stuck in drama. With a bit of play and exploration it's possible to get unstuck.


I am a student of life at work. We spend lots of time working and its effect on our lives is undeniably consequential. My doctoral training taught me to ask questions, understand behavioral patterns, and gather data to make informed decisions that lead to individual well-being and collective success.


Of all the roles I play in life, being a dad is my favorite. Parents often struggle with the balance of resistance and allowance. There is peace and play in the space between. We put a lot of expectations on our children to be a certain way. The truth is, they come to us pretty perfect. Part of my purpose is to help parents unpack the baggage that creates distance with their children so they can return to seeing them as they have always been: perfect.


As we seek we will inevitably change. And change will likely lead to transition. Transitioning out of jobs, relationships and religions. This can be scary shit. With awareness, acceptance and compassion you can transform AND transform those around you.  

Jessica Malkin

“For any company or individual striving to grow and evolve in ways that can be deeply meaningful to you and the bottom line there isn’t anyone I’d recommend more than Lightly/Gentzy Franz. He has a unique ability to help leaders digest what’s going on and be thoughtful and strategic in how they respond with the ultimate goal of creating a fruitful and dynamic environment for themselves and their teams.”

// Executive Vice President, Cresset
John Gallagher

“Someone once said that doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting different results was insanity. Sometimes we find ourselves in this position at work. So, if you want help in your workplace seeing through different optics, developing more understanding, patience and to lead boldly and mindfully— call Gentzy.”

// Vice President Communications, ASAPP
Zack Novak

“Gentzy understands that a business performs as its people perform. Environments where they can thrive as people first provide them with the confidence required to produce as employees. Building these cultures is a delicate process, requiring consistency, patience, and commitment from the organization. Gentzy is an expert at guiding organizations through this journey.”

// SVP, Sales & Delivery, Uptake
Alex Buck

"There is no one I trust more than Gentzy for executive and leadership coaching. His command over business and organizational strategy, combined with his approachable nature and ability to respectfully challenge assumptions translate into helping people understand themselves and their interactions with others in a new way.”

// SVP, Chief Strategy & Legal Officer, A&R Logistics
Andy Polovin

“I worked closely with Gentzy over four years at Uptake, a fast growing tech startup in Chicago. The tools and methods Gentzy uses will help management create higher performing teams and foster a culture of respect, inclusion, and tolerance—all with a real-world focus on the bottom line.”

// General Counsel, Tempus Labs
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